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In the next release the "strange"navigation menu will disappear. The light theme should be better too.

If you want to schedule messages on #Mastodon or #Pleroma, you can use the website at

It's open source and it doesn't record any data.

Source code #FediPlan:

Otherwise, you can still do that with Fedilab

From Twitter 


Une base de données contenant des informations sur les membres de Iron March, un site Web violent de la suprématie blanche, est exposée dans un dépotoir de données



Download our recent whitepaper for detailed insights and step by step instructions on how to integrate Ubuntu Desktop into Active Directory.


Allow F-Droid to update repositories. After that you should see following screens. Install #Fedilab.

And don't forget to check apps in F-Droid. They are all FOSS apps. Mostly useful and fun. Just not very glossy. But no ads. 😎

If you like to have some stats or find old toots with the ability to filter/fetch them, there is a feature for that. You can allow the app to fetch them in background and everything is done locally on your device.
They will be cached and available off-line.
#Fedilab #Tip

Now that the 0.20 release is out, we have to start the work on the next one.

After some discussions (, we have agreed on a roadmap for the 0.21 and 0.22 releases.

#Funkwhale 0.21 will focus on supporting podcasts, and easier audio publication overall (, in an effort to make the platform more useful to creators.

We'll also redesign the sidebar and navigation, as outlined in

As with every release, we'll implement a handful of anti-abuse features: federated reports, screening for signups and enforced email verification

Due date: Q1 2020

We also agreed to make Funkwhale 0.22 a stability release. It means we won't introduce any new feature, but focus on stability, enhancements and bugfixes. Depending on how it goes, Funkwhale 0.22 could turn into Funkwhale 1.0, our first official stable release!

Due date: hard to guess that far in the future, but probably Q2 or Q3 2020 ;)

After 5 months of work, #Funkwhale 0.20 is now available! 🎉

Release announcement (with highligths):
Full changelog and upgrade instructions:

We'll also publish some release highlights here later, but everything you need to know is available in those two links!

Thank you so much to all our amazing contributors, testers, reviewers, translators, devs, designers, writers… We did a great job together!

My first tests with #Pixelfed

Of course, I will introduce all in-app features:

- Cross-account actions
- Bookmarks
- Schedule posts
- Timed mute

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Hello la federation,y a quelqu un qui utilise #firefox #klar ici ? Si oui, dans quel but ?
Pcq en resumé, c est juste un navigateur sans historique, sans compte, "sans trackeur" avec les addons pre-integrees pour la #vieprivé ?

J'avais lu que sur un terme, il remplacerait l actuelle app android (d ailleurs, il est sur #f-droid le klar).

Qui serait pret a l utiliser par defaut sur son android ?

Merci de votre avis ;)


In full learning😊😍
Tutorial series designed for absolute beginners to the Laravel framework. This is the most indepth series on youtube for learning to code with 5.x

En marge de l’affaire #Epstein, Stallman démissionne du MIT et de la Free Software Foundation -

> Richard M. #Stallman claque la porte du laboratoire d’informatique et d’intelligence artificielle du #MIT (le #CSAIL). « Je le fais en raison de la pression exercée sur le MIT et moi-même à la suite d'une série de malentendus et de descriptions erronées » explique-t-il sur son site.


[Marion Maréchal]

"Seine Saint-Denis #danger, armes à feu rangées, Marion #Maréchal
#Dakar et #Alger, #Bamako #Tanger, #Marion Maréchal
J'arrête les #100G, pour toi j'veux #changer, Marion Maréchal
Seine Saint-Denis danger, #armes à feu rangées
Viens faire un tour chez #oim"

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