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an alternative front-end to YouTube

✅ Audio-only mode (and no need to keep window open on mobile).
✅ No ads.
✅ No need to create a Google account to save subscriptions.
✅ Lightweight (homepage is ~4 KB compressed).
✅ Dark mode.
✅ Does not require JS to play videos.
and more ...

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Alternative front-end focused on privacy.

✅ No JavaScript or ads.
✅ All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Twitter.
✅ Prevents Twitter from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint.
✅ Unofficial API (no rate limits or developer account required).
✅ Native RSS feeds.
✅ Mobile support (responsive design).

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Est une application pour le entre et . Elle est faite de sorte que plusieurs utilisateurs peuvent se connecter à elle en utilisant l'interface à la fois de et et choisir des options sur la façon dont le crosspost devrait fonctionner.


Download our recent whitepaper for detailed insights and step by step instructions on how to integrate Ubuntu Desktop into Active Directory.



In full learning😊😍
Tutorial series designed for absolute beginners to the Laravel framework. This is the most indepth series on youtube for learning to code with 5.x

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